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Katherine Denny Blair & Associates - Our History

Celebrating 35 years committed to the study and procurement of art and antiques. Our business was started in 1970 in Chevy Chase Md. by Katherine Denny, an artist that with a B.A from Millsap College , studied under John Macready in New Orleans , Graduate Studies and internship at the Chicago Institute of Art. Katherine Denny worked for WPA doing designs of facades of buildings, metal works and a fountain in New Orleans, and Jackson Miss.

Corkscrews - A New Twist for Collectors

It is a little known fact that the first corkscrew was patented in England by the Reverend Samuel Henshall (see figure I) in 1795. Today the corkscrew is fast emerging as one of the most desirable antiques to collect throughout the world. This fact is especially true in the United States where the interest in wine and its consumption has fueled a demand for wine related antiques to adorn wine cellars and bring out at dinner parties.

The Science of Connoisseurship

In the nearly 40 years we have spent in the business of buying and selling fine English furnishings and works of art, the single most asked question has been: How do I evaluate a work of art? The answer lies in personal connoisseurship, i.e., the ability to collect the correct data to arrive at a rational judgement of a work of art, whether it be a piece of furniture, a painting, a piece of porcelain or silver or an oriental rug. This can be a complicated process to say the least but also a very satisfying one when an unknown "gem" is found.

Essential Reading

Important Reference Books on Period English Furniture.
The following titles are books we feel are essential reading for those interested in collecting period English furnishings. It should be noted that a number of these books are no longer in print. If you require any assistance in locating any of them please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to put you in touch with specialist dealers of rare and out of print books.

Early English Mirrors

Early English Mirrors: Reflections on a Golden Age
England 1660-1760
Since the beginning of time, man has contemplated his image, likely staring in pools of water, later in polished bits of metal (gold, silver, bronze or pewter). In England from the Restoration in 1660 when Charles II returned to England and George Villiers, second Duke of Buckingham,set up his celebrated works at Vauxhall with help of a company of Italian glassmakers. mirrors became popular although continental glass mirrors were known from the mid-15th century onward.

Magical Carpets of Turkey

Rug weaving has been a tradition in Anatolia (Turkey) since the 13th century. This is confirmed by well-preserved carpets and fragments dating from the Seljuk period. Oktay Aslana pa in his essays “Turkish Arts” has attempted to prove that the ancestors of the Seljuks were making carpets as long ago as the 3rd century and by the 13th century they were exporting large numbers of carpets to Egypt. Marco Polo wrote about the wonderful and beautiful carpets woven by the Greeks and Armenian states in Turkomania. The most important towns that were early weaving centers were Konya, Kayseri and Sivas.

How to Sell an Antique

How to sell an antique you may have no further use for is a question we are often asked, and here is our answer. In order to maintain the quality stock we have, we need to be more competitive than the auction houses. We have to offer you a higher price than the auctioneer. We have two ways of doing this. First, if the piece you have is of the quality we seek, and we want it to add to our inventory, we will offer you a higher immediate price than the auctioneers estimate, less his commission, and you pay nothing for catalog advertising, insurance while in our possession, etc.

Dates of Accession, Periods and Styles

Important dates for any serious Antique collector. Information on dates of Accession of English Monarchs from the 1500's to the 1800's, as well as Periods and styles form Elizabethan to Regency.

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